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. Block Mixture. A block mixture model to map eQTLs for gene clustering and networking, 2019.

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. Ultrahigh-Dimensional Mapping. An Ultrahigh-Dimensional Mapping Model of High-order Epistatic Networks for Complex Traits, 2018.

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. Shoot Root Covar. The genetic architecture of shoot–root covariation during seedling emergence of a desert tree, Populus euphratica, 2017.

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. Epi Game. Epigenetic Game Theory, 2017.


. HpQTL. HpQTL: a geometric morphometric platform to compute the genetic architecture of heterophylly, 2017.

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. iForm. iFORM/eQTL: an ultrahigh-dimensional platform for inferring the global genetic architecture of gene transcripts, 2016.

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